Purpose Mission Vision Goals

Purpose and Mission:

DevEthos is a Nepali research and development entity focused on two major divisions: National and Regional Research and Local and Regional Development.

Research: We will create national social research data pertaining to national and regional social policy decision making, and community and regional agricultural business modelling.

Development: Through our research findings and current knowledge, we will invest in projects in Nepal by providing academic research, by providing market findings, by connecting individuals with whom we work, by select project engineering, and by financial donation to organizations.


The research/modeling and investment would ultimately translate to direct success for Nepali companies, individuals, and organizations in ethically and sustainably growing the products and services of said entities and the GNP of Nepal.


1) To provide information for profitable development to For Profit Companies, Non-Profit Organizations/NGOs/INGOs, and Individuals.

2) To use sustainability, community sensitivity, and natural environmental integrity as lenses for all projects

3) To deliver work on time to clients and self

4) To maintain a savings coffer of at least the estimate of a normal initial project cost

5) To use any and all tools that are ethical, practical and available to achieve our goals

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